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Fieldsystem:MaximumB:Cratio (3.98:1)wasrecordedunder Makhana-Mustardcroppingsystem whichwasfollowedbyMakhana-Water chestnut

Seed(Guri)yieldof32- 35q/haandpop recoveryof55-60per cent. •Largesphericalleaf,dark L.S. of MakhanaflowerNewly burst fruit of Makhana.Largesphericalleaf,dark purpleflowers,medium sizefruit;small,ovaland smoothseedswithvery thinseedcoat(0.29mm) •Maturity(rangein numberofdays)seedto seedis240-250days.

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15.26 million has comprisingof4.63 percentofthetotal geographical area of the country..


9.12 lakh hectares in Bihar face prolongedinundation either natural or manmade.


The‘new'waterpocketscould also the cultivation of fishes, Makhanaandotheraquatic fruits.


Dark MakhanaflowerNewly burst fruit of Makhana Largesphericalleaf,dark purpleflowers.

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Large spherical leaf,dark L.S. of Makhana flower Newly burst fruit of Makhana Largesphericalleaf,dark purpleflowers,medium sizefruit,small,ovaland smoothseedswithvery thinseedcoat(0.29mm).

Lotus Flower

The Lotus plant is an aquatic perennial, native to southern Asia and Australia and most commonly cultivated in water gardens.

Makhana Flower

Makhana are a part of the lotus flower. The flower that's known for its beauty has a lot to offer, including lotus seeds or makhana.

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